TV actress Alefia Kapadia harassed!

Alefia Kapadia, who plays Latika in the serial, ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara’ was harassed and teased by a motorist in the day time while she was returning from shooting. The brave girl did not let the incident go and she took his photograph and clicked the number plate of his motorist and uploaded on Facebook and also registered a police complaint against the ill-mannered man.

Her FB appeals reads,

“Hi friends.

This is a serious appeal for help and advice based on harassment in broad daylight that I faced today.

In today’s day and time, despite the public outrage towards the crime against women in the country, this man had the audacity to harass me on a busy Dharavi road at 6pm in Mumbai. He was driving next to my car making lewd comments, inappropriate remarks and eve-teasing my female friend and me. He kept on doing it while I tried to evade and drive away from him, but in vain. He didn’t even care that there was a little toddler with us in the car who got really scared of his stalking. As he went on for a while and I had nowhere to escape in the traffic, I clicked a picture of him and his car to warn him that I will complain against him. He then got his car real close to mine in vengeance and scratched it right from head to tail. Shocked and raged I stopped my car. He then stopped his car real close to mine, blocking my path. He got out of his car and tried to open my car door and started abusing and yelling. All three of us in the car were really scared. I had thankfully locked the doors and managed to drive out of whatever little space I cud get, before the situation got nastier. I called the Mumbai Police Control room to get help, but before any help could arrive, this monster had escaped. This is a clear example of Gunda Gardi happening in a city like Mumbai in broad daylight. It speaks volumes of the nature and audacity of some men who think they can behave anyhow.

Please share this post on your page, spread the word and help me identify and nab this man and put him behind bars so that he learns a lesson and doesn’t go about doing this or anything worse in the future.”

We really hope someone identifies the dude and teaches him a lesson. However, it’s nice to know that the women of today are using their presence of mind and not waiting for anyone to rescue them. Kudos Alefia!