TV actor Loveleen Kaur assaulted publicly!

Mumbai is no longer a safer place for women and it was proved again. Just few days back, a photojournalist in Mumbai was gang raped by five men and now another case of assault came into picture and this time the victim is a television actress Loveleen Kaur and that too in a crowded place witnessed by many people.

Loveleen Kaur who worked in Ekta Kapoor's Bade Achche Lagte Hain as the second wife of Saakshi Taanwar's brother could not forget the nightmare when suddenly a man snatched her purse and she run behind him.

“It was around 8.30 in the evening, I was going out with my friend Mimin. We were in an auto, and I was seated on the right-hand side. The auto stopped at a junction in Oshiwara owing to red light. Suddenly, somebody's hand creeped in and before I could understand anything, my purse and my new phone were snatched. I started yelling 'chor...chor' and followed him, I saw that there were two people. I caught one with his shirt collar and tried to get my purse back, my friend was helping me and suddenly 2-3 men joined and started hitting us. The crowd that had gathered around was merely watching us struggle, but nobody helped us,” Loveleen Kaur told

“Because of the gathered crowd and the traffic jam,  a few cops landed there and caught both the snatchers. The third guy who was helping the snatcher, disappeared with the crowd. Filmmaker Ashok Pundit Ji was present there he helped us to go to police station and after filing an FIR, he also took us to Cooper hospital,” detailed Loveleen.

Loveleen states her shocking revelation “While I was holding the snatcher by his shirt collar who’s name was Sajid, I warned him to return my purse, else he will be in jail. But the snatcher laughed and claimed, ‘Police toh khud mili hoti hai woh kya pakdegi hume.’  He was fully drugged.”

“I am just scared that if in the evening at 8.30 a girl is not safe in Mumbai, then how will I continue late night working shifts? As I am a TV actress, I have to work during odd timings,” asked a disturbed Loveleen.

 "I'm fine now, and shooting," said the actress.