TV actor Gaurav S Bajaj slaps an intern on set?

According to the latest grapevine, television actor Gaurav S Bajaj, who plays the role of Sher Singh in 'Piya Rangrezz', lost his temper and slapped an intern on set.

The actor, however, denied any such incident. He said he had a headed argument with the intern but did not lost his cool. He clarifies, "Yes, we had a heated argument but that was it. Before things became ugly, people intervened."

Earlier, there was a buzz that Bajaj slapped the contact person for the show (EP). "The EP is a very senior person. I wouldn't dare do something like that. The person I had a heated argument with was a junior intern associate of creative, Imad. Also, if I had to slap someone, why would I stop at one? Imad is new on the sets and is rude to everyone. Four days ago he argued with the director. He had the audacity to teach him how to take a shot. Not only that, he uses abusive language, which is not acceptable. A couple of days ago, I was discussing something with the senior creative and he butt in. Everyone present on the set asked him to back out as it didn't concern him. He eventually did but I heard him say, 'ch***** samajta nahi hai'. Obviously, things got heated between us but I didn't slap anyone. Someone is spreading rumours.

When contacted Imad said that they had arguments on the set. "A lot of things happen on sets and there's nothing to report here. Yes, we have had arguments but that's about it. And that's all I want to say," he says.

Creative differences do happen on the set but the cast and the crew must have control over them. That's call professionalism!