Troubled love life, failing career killed Jiah Khan

25 years old actress Jiah Khan who created a storm by her sensational and controversial role in Nishabd starring  opposite Amitabh Bachchan was found hanging to her apartment room on 3rd June at around 11.30 pm. Jiah was quite disturbed after she was turned down in an audition in Hyderabad for a Tamil movie. The director of the movie sighted her being under weight as the reason for not taking her in Tamil movie.  She came back to Mumbai and seemed depressed and sad. Jiah confided in her mom that her career in film industry was going nowhere. Jiah started her acting career with Nishabd in 2007 then appeared in Ghajni in 2008 and finally in Housefull in 2010.

Apart from this reason, Jiah was also tormented by her tumultuous love affair with Sooraj Pancholi who is son of Aditaya pancholi. After interrogating Sooraj, police confirmed that Sooraj and Jiah were in a relationship for the past one year. They met one year back on a social net working site and from there, their relation took flight. However Jiah always doubted him of cheating on her and having an affair with the Jeweller of Sooraj.

On 1st June jiah faced audition for the role of Tamil actress and was turned down. Same day she returned to Mumbai and in the evening Jiah told her mother that her career in film industry seemed to be at stalemate. Around late evening, jiah went to her boyfriend Sooraj’s place and stayed overnight and the next day. Post dinner at a restaurant the next day, Sooraj dropped Jiah home at nine in the evening. The third morning i.e on the ill fated day of her suicide, both Sooraj and Jiah exchanged calls and messages. In the evening Jiah told Sooraj that she had bagged three roles and in order to congratulate her, Sooraj sent her bouquet but failed to answer her calls as he was busy with his dad. In a state of anger and despair, Jiah called her watchman and asked him to throw the bouquet. Then she left for Sooraj’s residence but could not meet him. She returned home. After that Sooraj called her up and they had a brief conversation.  She messaged Sooraj informing him of her plans to return to London if situation did not favor her. After that message she took away her life.