Trolls say ‘Taimur is dying of hunger’, Kareena gives witty reply

Kareena Kapoor Khan has been trolled for various issues, sometimes for funny and sometimes for irritating matter and every time Kareena replies every troll very sportingly. One troll says Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi who is very popular among the paparazzi is dying of hunger and Kareena has a very humorous reply to it.

One comment read, “Taimur bhuka marr raha hai (Taimur is dying of hunger).” Kareena said, “But woh bechara bhooka nai marra hai. In fact, I think kuch zaada hi kha raha hai aajkal. Mota lag raha hai (But the poor guy is not dying hungry. In fact, I think he is eating a little too much. Has started to look fat).”

Another social media user say Taimur should be given a new haircut while someone else said otherwise the nation will soon get tired of him and his cuteness. Kareena said that she hopes the nation does get tired of Taimur eventually so he too could lead a normal life.

“I think sometimes they cross the line, especially when it comes to Taimur. The way they want to know everyday what he is eating, where he is going, what he is wearing, is he going to playschool or to a gym. So I am like once in a while it is fine but everyday? What is the reason that you have to see this child. I understand that many people have said that he is so cute and that he brings smiles to their faces. Of course he does that but he is two years old. You have to allow that person to live their life fearlessly, especially a child who is growing up,” she said.

Kareena was also trolled for wearing bikini. One user said that how Kareena’s husband and actor Saif Ali Khan for ‘letting her wear a bikini’. “Go to hell Saif Ali Khan, you not a shame to let your f**king wife wearing bikini,” the comment read. Kareena gave it back to the troll by saying she doesn’t need anyone’s sanctions to wear whatever she likes. “Who is Saif to stop me from wearing a bikini anyway? Because I don’t think my relationship is as such that Saif would ever tell me why are you wearing a bikini or why are you doing such things or what? I don’t think so at all. I think we share a very responsible relationship. He trusts me and when I am wearing a bikini then obviously there’s a reason I am wearing it:I am taking a dip,” she said.