Trailer: Priyanka's cousin Barbie too hot to handle in 'Zid'

It is not every day that the trailer of a film starring relatively unknown actors has more than 1 million views on YouTube. But the trailer of the upcoming film ‘ZID’ has achieved this feat. Described as an erotic thriller, the film will mark the debut of Priyanka Chopra’s first cousin Barbie Handa.

The film also stars Karanvir Sharma. However, for the film industry Barbie will be changing her name to Manaara. The idea to change her name came from the film’s producer Anubhav Sinha who felt that the name Barbie was childish for a grown-up and hence suggested her to use nickname Manaara which is a Greek word meaning, ‘something that shines’.

Barbie aka Manaara too seemed happy with the name change. But what made the trailer so popular? Most likely it is the ample amount of sex scenes that are in the trailer. Already there are comparisons to the films generally made by the Bhatt camp, like the ‘Hate Story’ films. Producer Anubhav Sinha was happy with the response the trailer has generated and tweeted, "For over 30 hours #ZID trailer continues to be the MOST POPULAR video in the country. 1.34 Mil Views in 4 days."

By Monday morning, the trailer has received over 1.6 million hits. However, last week the director of the film, Vivek Agnihotri had detached himself from the film due to ‘creative differences’. As per reports, he was not happy with the producer promoting the film as an ‘erotic thriller’ without consulting him. But Anubhav Sinha has denied any such development and said, "Vivek Agnihotri is very much a part of the film."

The film’s music has been composed by composer duo, Sharib–Toshi. On 31st October, the first song from the film was released. The song titled ‘Sanson Kon’ has been sung by Arijit Singh and has received decent response from listeners. ‘Zid’ is expected to release in February 2015.

Apart from the steamy trailer, Manaara has also posed nude for the posters of the film. According to her, "We are in 2014 and I can't be in a ghoonghat. If I wanted to be all covered, I'd do a saas-bahu serial. I have a hot body and I don't mind showing it."

When asked about whether being Priyanka Chopra’s cousin has helped her in any way, she accepted that and said, "You get invited to industry events and meet the right people." But how did Priyanka herself reacted to the nude posters featuring her cousin. Manaara said, "Before the poster was shot, I called up Priyanka who was in Barcelona for a film. She told me to go for it, but ensure that it's done aesthetically and didn't look sleazy. I took her advice and am getting lots of compliments."