Trailer Out: Karan Johar's 'Gippi'

This is the first time that Dharma Productions is launching a lady director. Helmed by Sonam Nair, Karan Johar is all set to produce a film for the kids, “Gippi”. The first official trailer of the film came out yesterday, and yes, it looks every bit a Karan Johar drama.

Having tried various genres from the romance filled ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ to the action filled ‘Agneepath’, this is a new genre that they have attempted. Starring newcomers Riya Vij, Divya Dutta and Taaha Shah, the film will cater to teenagers and alike.

The film is about a 13 year plump girl, who at all times is trying to fit in with her peers, and the super slim girls. It is about the challenges she faces, and how she matches up to them. In fact, the trailer shows a teenager adjust to the following: best friends, changing body and school crushes.

The movie encounters Gippi falling in love with the hunk at her school, and from thereon, she figures what is love, and what decisions she needs to make.

Sonam Nair, has earlier assisted Karan Johar in ‘Wake Up Sid’ and ‘Dostana’, and with this film, she turns an independent director.  The film has been shot majorly in Shimla and a few portions in Mumbai. Sonam herself conducted auditions for her lead actors.

Riya Vij, a 13 year old, has no prior experience to this, and this is the first time she is facing the camera. On the other hand, Taaha Shah literally chased Karan Johar for the role. She says, “Well, all through my time in Mumbai I have known that one should grab the chances that come by. Otherwise I would always regret that I saw Karan Johar walk past and I didn’t go up and introduce myself. Probably he remembered me from back then and when he saw my audition, it must have clicked!”

Before the official trailer went up, Karan Johar took to twitter to announce the coming of his ‘Gippi’. He posted various links on the profiles of most actors, announcing that ‘Gippi’ is coming, and to watch out for her.

Karan Johar is all set to surprise the audiences with this flick. Although made on a small budget, the film will see a wide release. It is going to hit the screens on 10th May 2013, and it is going to be a film to watch out for.