Trailer: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan in ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’

Two awesome actors Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar have come together for the first time as a married couple and new parents in ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’.

Remember the 2006 released movie ‘Pyaar Ke Side Effects’, in which Rahul Bose (Sid) and Mallika Sherawat (Trisha) made all of us to believe in love. Well, this movie is a kind of sequel to that movie and is called ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’. The movie is one step further to the last movie and shows what happens when couples in love are blessed with a new born baby. The entire equation changes.

In ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’, Vidya Balan is playing the role of a new mommy, who is overly protective about her baby. Farhan Akhtar is playing the role of her husband and is frustrated beyond limits with her over protective attitude. The first trailer of the movie seems very interesting and has perfectly captured the essence of what new parents go through. The trailer was released on 28th October. At night, Vidya tells her husband not to snore as that will wake up their baby ‘Mili’. Then in his sleep, as he falls on the ground with a thud, she complains that his thumping sound will disturb their baby. Similarly she complains about anything that Farhan does or even tries doing for the baby. In one scene, Farhan is shown wiping the baby with a towel. Vidya comes and complains that he rubbed the baby with the wrong side of the towel. At this Farhan really gets bugged and wonders if there is really a right and a wrong side of the towel. Such funny scenes keep the interest meter high in the movie.

Apart from the leads, there is one more actor who has created a buzz on small screen as well as on silver screen. We are talking about the very talented Ram Kapoor. He plays the role of the much needed friend of Farhan Akhtar who guides his friend of the ‘dos and donts’ of a successful marriage.

The chemistry between Farhan and Vidya is something to look out for. Coming February get ready to enjoy the sweet and sour relationship of new parents. The film will be released on 14th February, 2014. The movie is directed by Saket Chaudhary and is produced by Pritish Nandy in association with Balaji Films.