Trailer: Boring Abhay, aspiring dancer Preeti in 'One By Two'

The trailer of Abhay Deol’s production- ‘One by Two’ is finally out. ‘One by Two’ is an upcoming Hindi romantic comedy. It is directed by Devika Bhagat. The protagonists of the film are real life couple Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai. It is based on the parallel lives of two people and a series of coincidences bringing them together.

The trailer gives us a brief idea of the movie which consists of an average Urban Indian techie Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) stuck in a routine. The trailer starts with him getting dumped for having a boring life, boring attitude, boring work and a boring name. Therefore, his life can be safely assumed to be extremely dull and boring. On the other hand, Preeti Desai plays an aspiring dancer- Samara Patel, who just cannot seem to get the break she hopes for. Both of them are frustrated with life. The story revolves around this and coincidences which bring them together. Lillette Dubey plays Preeti’s mother in the film who is an alcoholic is constantly berates her daughter and pushes her morale down. Abhay is a middle class young man whose family hopes to see him settle down soon and certainly does not approve of him watching and reading adult films and magazines. There is a hint of comedy and the presence of Abhay Deol looks promising in the film. Although the film gives us a déjà vu of ‘Wake up Sid!’, the film will certainly work due to Abhay Deol’s role choice skills and comfortable screen presence.

Since Abhay plays the character Amit Sharma, he suggested a marketing and poster campaign with options similar to his characteristics in the film... ‘Have you been dumped by your girlfriend’ Are you pakaoed with routine? Are you stuck in a job?’  On posters, there will be snapshots of Amit Sharma with the questions splashed on them. For this, the marketing team conducted surveys where they asked people to relate to the questions. Most of the people surveyed said they could identify themselves with the routine. This created a curiosity for the film and made people want to watch it.

As per schedule, the film’s team commenced shooting in the first week of March.  The fist day of shooting was initiated with a puja that was graced by Abhay’s uncle, the Bollywood veteran, Dharmendra. The music for the film has been compsed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. ‘One by Two’ is set for
release on 31st  January 2014.