Tortured Rati Agnihotri speaks about failed marriage, divorce

The ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ actress Rati Agnihotri speaks her heart out about her troubled marriage and how she suffered in her life silently for the sake of her son, Tanuj. She prayed all through her life, wishing her husband Virwani becomes a good human being but one day, her tolerance limit crossed and she moved to the police to file domestic violence case against her husband and subsequently filed for divorce.

Narrating her painful incident, Rati Agnihotri said, "I thought to myself that I am a 54-year-old woman and I will progressively grow older and weaker and then one day I will die, beaten to death."

On March 14, she filed a complaint of domestic abuse against her husband of 30 years. "I was all alone. My sister is in Poland and my mother, who suffered a brain stroke last year, lies paralysed in a hospital near Pune run by nuns. My son too was away, shooting. My best friend, Shaila, was in Chennai. The two household helps were new, just two and three weeks into the job. There was no one to turn to..."

When questioned why she took so long to take this drastic step. She calmly replied, "Well, I had certain priorities, the biggest being my son Tanuj. He was the reason I put up with all this pain for 30 years. I also believed in the sanctity of marriage... I believed in love. Anil was the man I had married despite the fact that my parents had never liked him.And like every girl I'd dreamt of a picture-perfect life with a husband who cared and provided for me. For all these years I'd hoped... prayed... that things would change, that he would change."

Rati stuck to the troubled marriage for the same of her son. She quips, "That was most painful. Tanuj is the only reason I stuck on(in the marriage). He is 28 now and man enough to face the truth in his mother's life. He knew the truth ten years ago. He knows the truth now. He knows what his mother has endured. Finally he has told me. 'Mom, don't live your life for me. Live for yourself. Do what you think is right for yourself.'