Top five woman oriented films

Woman has a significant role to play in society. Since time immemorial, the tradition loving Indian society has cherished the home spun ways of a woman. It has loved to perceive her as a mother, daughter, wife or a sister. Modern Indian women of the 21st Century have come a long way from merely restricting themselves to the folds of marriage and motherhood. The significant difference is boldly portrayed in B town films where women are often found overshadowing their masculine counterparts in their struggle for identity, acclaim and justice.

1. No One Killed Jessica
No One Killed Jessica










Closely following the lines of a true incident, the film dramatizes the close nexus between influence and justice. The director Raj Kumar Gupta blends imagination with reality to bring out the struggle for justice. The twin portrayals of Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan depict how a journalist joins hands with the sister of the killed model in search of justice. The characterizations of the female leads along with the script’s dramatic content arouse a variety of emotions in viewers. In their strife for justice one is compelled to think against the system.

2. Fashion











Co produced by Ronnie Screwwalla and Madhur Bhandarkar, the film highlights a woman protagonist in Priyanka Chopra. The journey of an upcoming model through the dark alleys of the apparently glittering world of Fashion is poignantly portrayed in the film. The world of Fashion with all its glitz and glamour can be morally challenging for young aspirants. The female lead Priyanka along with her supporting counterparts exemplify the struggle against the odds of this world in order to have themselves established.

3. Provoked











Directed by Jag Mundhra and starring the glamorous Aishwarya, the film is based on a real life story of a Punjabi woman. Aishwarya who plays the pivotal role delineates the character of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, to bring out the torture suffered by her at the hands of her husband, her provocations and how she puts up with her life of imprisonment on charges of murder. The film highlights how the struggling crusader against physical violence is ultimately redeemed.

4. Page 3
Page 3















The enchantingly glittering existence of the glamorous celebs is the underlying theme of Madhur Bhandarkar’s celebrity. Is it as glamorous as it seems to be? Well, the question is answered through the experience of a journalist who is assigned to focus on celebrity lifestyle. In course of reporting, the journalist (played by Konkona Sen Sharma) discovers the stark reality behind the apparent sham. The poignant delineation of the debutante Konkona Sen Sharma earned the actress the prestigious film fare award. Even the film received multiple awards in different categories.

5. Astitva



















Written and directed by the renowned Mahesh Manjrekar, Astitva probes the identity of a woman. The unique conclusion of the film strikingly portrays how a woman can go beyond the folds of matrimony to etch out her own independent existence; a separate identity where she does not necessarily need the support of a man. The critically acclaimed film revolved around the protagonist Aditi (Tabu) in her search for identity.

Having travelled far beyond the realms of home and the hearth, the above mentioned films showcase the myriad struggle of women in their desire for making an impact on society at large.