Top five films based on India and Pakistan

Ever since the days following the historical event of partition of India, territorial conflict and religious animosity gripped the twin countries of India and Pakistan. Despite enjoying geographical proximity and a common border, both the countries have always been at loggerheads.  This conflict and strained relationship which often took the proportion of warfare has been poignantly portrayed by many Hindi films.

1. Hindustaan Ki Kasam
Hindustaan Ki Kasam











Hindustaan Ki Kasam directed by Chetan Anand is one of the initial films bringing out the brutalities of war which took place between the estranged nations way back in 1971. The film released in 1973 depicts Raj Kumar in a pivotal role.Raj Kumar a renowned actor of the yester years brings out the depth and passion characterizing a soldier’s commitment towards his nation.

 2. Veer Jaara
Veer Zaara












Veer Jaara released in 2004 and directed by the renowned film maker Yash Chopra is a subtle expression of the age old animosity between the two countries. Zaara a bubbly and a charming Pakistani girl falls in love with an Indian army man. Most of the story which is recapitulated by the wrongly accused Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh brings out the trials tribulations faced by a pair of lovers on account of their religious and territorial barriers.

 3. Border













Commercially and critically acclaimed Border is yet another heart wrenching depiction of the war fought in 1971. Revolving around the battalion based in Longewala of Rajasthan, Border highlights the utter futility of warfare despite its achievements. Directed by J.P Dutta the film released in 1997 is one of the best of its kinds. The wide and effective variation in acting ensured by the multi studded star cast was its added advantage.

 4. Lakshya















Released in 2004 directed by the relatively in experienced Farhaan Akhtar, Lakshya uses the background of Kargil war fought between the two nations in 1999. Lakshyaa entails the journey of a confused protagonist against the backdrop of a war torn scenario. The picturesque location and deft handling of dialogue by Javed Akhtar are the redeeming features of the film which fails to create the desired impact. The film tries to reflect the mental strain and dilemma encountered by the victims of such a situation.

 5. Mission Kashmir
Mission Kashmir





Mission Kashmir directed and produced by the reputed Vidhu Vinod Chopra excels itself in portraying the disastrous consequences of the conflict torn nations. It highlights how children suffer on account of the enmity and revenge which is continued through generation. The end result is one of tragedy and nothingness. The film released in 2000 was a great commercial success on account of its star cast, background, content and soundtrack.

Each and every film of the mentioned category testifies to the sheer destruction, vacuity and the nothingness of the conflict which seems to have become a timeless phenomenon.   Tinsel town might throw up a film which may possibly hint at the solution to this chronic issue. So let’s keep our finger crossed for one which will usher in peace and harmony between the war torn nations, at least we can wait for one which will teach us to respect one another in spite of our phenomenal differences.