Top five Bollywood remixes

The remixes revolve around rendering refreshing touches to the original sound tracks of the films belonging to yester years. It is one of the aspects involving film creation and more particularly the creation pertaining to its music. The renovated tracks which are introduced as parts of current and forthcoming films involve either a partial or a complete recreation. The remixed version thus hinges on an artistic amalgam of a new playback singer with his new style of rendering, new diction and sometimes a revised lyrical pattern. The new playback singer and that of a new set of actors delineating the same contributes to the changed dimension.

1. Dum Maro Dum
Dum Maro Dum










Among the innumerable remixes, a few deserves special mention. The title track of Dum Maro Dum is originally inspired by the sound track ‘Dum Maro Dum…looth gaye hum’, from the renowned Zeenat Aman starrer “Hare Krishna Hare Ram”. It happened to be one of the bumper hits of the 70’s. Anushka Manchanda lends her voice to the track which undergoes a complete change in terms of its diction, rhythm and number. Except for the catchy refrain ‘Dum Maro Dum’ there is a significant change in its focus. The original soundtrack had displayed the provoking gestures of Zeenat Aman, the current one features the upbeat Deepika moving round in circles.

 2. Bachchna Aye Haaseno
Bachna Ae Haseeno





‘Baachna Aye Haaseno’ sung by the late Kishore Kumar depicting Rishi Kapoor was a part of the commercially acclaimed “Hum Kisi se kam nahin”. The sound track has recently been revived with a fresh lease of life to adorn a film by the same name. The new sound track goes ahead in time depicting the promising offspring of Rishi. The choreography highlighting Ranbir Kapoor is partly original. But mostly, Ranbir is seen copying his father’s steps. The modernized edition which includes three of the ravishing beauties is replete with beats typical of a dance number. Extra bit of lyrics have been added on to the original number.

3.  Monica Oh My Darling
Once Upon A Time In Mumbai




Once Upon A Time In Mumbai recreates another popular soundtrack of the previous days. The original sound track consisting of ‘Monica oh my darling’ was one of the catchy numbers characterizing Caravan released in 1971. The song which featured Helen was sung by R.D Burman and Asha Bhosenle. Pritam Chowdhury the music director of the resent film gives it a new flavour. The song ‘Parda’ of Once Upon…. reveals the touches of twin musical tracks of R.D Burman. The cabaret number which once featured the skills of Helen upholds the skills of the newly introduced item girl Gauhar Khan.

 4. Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo
Thank You









Jabaaz featuring Rekha boasted of a peppy number “Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo”. The original song sung by Sapna Mukherjee portrayed the seductively beautiful Rekha. Thank You which is one of the forthcoming releases of Aneez Bazmee will include the similar number to be sung by Mika. While the previous one had Rekha lip sing to the tune sung by Sapna, the recent one will have Akshay, Irfaan and Bobby dancing in the middle of provocatively dressed females.

5.  Apka Kya Hoga Janaab Ae Aali













The film Lavaris featured Amitabh Bachhan with all his known histrionics in the song “Apka Kya Hoga Janaab Ae Aali”. The playback sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha escalated the summit of popularity. Houseful released in 2010 recreates a similar version featuring Akshay, Arjun and Ritesh. The singers Mika and Sunidhi as well as the concerned actors add to the flamboyance and sensuousness of the original sound track.