Top five B grade Bombshells

Scintillating physiques with perfect curves and a touch of voluptuous passion are their major hallmarks. They are known for their ability to sizzle with gyrating movements, aplomb and titillating gestures; their onscreen presence aim at setting the screen ablaze. They are the much reputed or notoriously reputed sex bombshells.

Apart from having the skills to enact and attract, the so called bombshells are also required to flaunt. Flaunting may coincide with the requirement of the script, but in most cases it is a forceful endevour with the director falling back on the mere flaunting ability of the sex bombshells. With the increasing insistence on Western culture and that of audience’s change of taste towards junk lifestyle have paved the way for the alarming rise in the number of B grade bombshells. Secondly, the lack of creativity in scripting and dialogue with the director resorting to item sequences as a means of holding attention, has contributed to the phenomenal rise of such show girls. As a matter of fact, absence of material and substance in screenplay and scripting has sustained the growth of many artistes with little or no knowledge of acting and dancing. Bollywood is marked by the presence of a good number of so called bombshells.

1. Isha Koppikar
Isha Koppikar
















Koppikar will be the first one to make it to the infamous category. Belonging to a family of academicians, she made her mark with her whooping item statement in Ram Gopal Verma’s Company. Thereafter the actress relied merely on her seduction and raw exposition to feature in a series of second class films with open display of obscenity.

 2. Payal Rohtagi
Payal Rohatgi















Another bold item sequence in the critically acclaimed “Corporate” highlighted Payal Rohtgi into the forefront of glamour world. Prior to it the model was known for her bold on screen ways, which ranged from stripping down to enacting love making inside a tub filled with water. Her accusation of ‘casting couch’ against a B town director made much news.

 3. Kashmira Shah
Kashmira Shah















The images of hot and sexy Kashmira Shah scantily clad in her undergarments with exposed cleavages have often clamored for attention. However, she could not go beyond being a part of a few sizzling dance sequences and those needing an open display of her assets.

 4. Suman Ranganathan
Suman Ranganathan















Suman Ranganathan who was introduced in a Kannad film was appreciated for her performance in supporting roles. Her first Bollywood film Fareb which was an adaptation of an English film, won the actress rave reviews. Equally acclaimed was her acting as Kiran in the noted Hindi film Baagban. However with her tendency towards exposing she went for a number of second grade ventures.

 5. Riya Sen
Riya Sen










Unfortunately, the talented and beautiful Riya Sen who looked stunning in Jhankar Beats is also giving into the ugly voluptuous passion of some B grade scripts. There should be a line of demarcation so as to separate glamour from voluptuous show of physique.

While one has the right to display her perfectly maintained physical grandeur, the same privilege bars a person from indulging in an open display of obscenity using her physique. Physical beauty ceases to remain and goes into the jargon of ugly obscenity in such exhibition.  Films resorting to such displays cease to remain as films with complete absence of imagination and beauty.