Top 5 Young and Happy Single of Bollywood

The Bollywood isgoing through a phase of patch up and break up session this year. But mostlyour young and enthusiastic actors and actresses are making a style statementwith their being single status. Be it whatever, these actors and actresses areloved by the entire nation and would always be loved. Here are a few Bollywood superstarswho are happy being single.

Priyanka Chopra:
Priyanka Chopra



















She is India’smost desirable woman and the most talked about actress in the Bollywood industry.However she has been linked with quite a lot of men from Bollywood as well asHollywood. She was majorly linked with Shahid Kapoor as it was being said thatthey were seeing each other at one point. But with Priyanka shrugging off thisrumour she happily claims to be single and has no issues in carrying it alongwith her.

Ranbir Kapoor:
Ranbir Kapoor

This Kapoor ladhas been linked to almost all the actresses he has worked with till now fromthe Bollywood industry. But after his break up with Deepika Padukone Ranbir hasbeen entirely single and for the time being more interested in his careerrather than the women in the Bollywood industry. However it was even said thatSalman Khan’s ex girlfriend, Katrina Kaif was dating Ranbir Kapoor but duepersonal issues they broke up.

Shahid Kapoor:
Shahid Kapoor















He lovemaintaining a very clean image in front of the media and hardly lets any rumouraffect him. After his break up with his long time girlfriend, Kareena Kapoor,Shahid has even been linked to many actresses from the Bollywood industry. atpresent he is absolutely enjoying his singledom status and does not wish to getout of it that easily. 

Sonam Kapoor:
Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoorseems to be entirely satisfied being single. However, Sonam was linked with Ranbirlong time back when their first film was supposed to release. But since thenSonam has enjoyed the status of being single.

Katrina Kaif:
Katrina Kaif










After breakingup with the “Dabangg” star, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif has also been linked withmany actors from Bollywood including Ranbir Kapoor. However she remains themost eligible single woman, who is the dream of many men.

It will reallyhard for us to say as to what are these hot and eligible actors and actressesup to. But one thing is for sure, news about them getting in or out of relationshipsgets everyone hooked.