Top 5 hot body owners in Bollywood

In order to survive and sustain in the toughly competitive domains of showbiz, one has to adhere to a strict fitness regimen and diet control so that he or she lives up to the requirement of a perfectly trimmed physique. A well maintained body with a slender frame and perfect curves is one of the most striking requirements of the tinsel town. While a man’s physique is required to be so streamlined so that his packs of muscles are brought into focus.

1Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif













The grooving Sheila with her chiseled features equally flaunts an amazingly sexy frame, which is neither skinny nor plump. The curves are perfect and worth the display as the lady elegantly scintillate in her amazing range of oriental and occidental wears. Kat’s fitness regime is supposed to be a blend of functional exercises and diet control which thrives on protein intake.

2.  Malaika Arora Khan
Malaika Arora Khan















Model cum item performer Malaika, the well known bombshell exhibits it all because she has a picture perfect frame worth the exhibition. Apart from dancing and weight controlling, the bomb also resorts to yoga. Malaika who is well past her prime, with marriage and motherhood can give any young and upcoming actress a run for her money, on account of her perfect shape and size. Her skimpy outfits gel wonderfully with her frame to give the dancing beauty a glamorous poise.

3. Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta















Lara who also boasts of a balanced body with striking curves believes in the triple blend of diet, swimming and yoga. Her recently launched ‘H.E.A.L with Lara’ enlightens you on the nexus between yoga and physical fitness. During the release of her DVD on yoga, Lara highlighted how her fitness philosophy hinged around yoga right from the days of her ramp.

4. Salman Khan
Salman Khan











More than his mesmerizing eyes his well toned bodies with striking packs of muscles contribute to the guy’s undying charm. Almost all his films showcasing Salman brings out his well maintained muscular frame in bold relief. Apart from his regular workouts and exercises at the gymnasium, Salman also resorts to cycling and playing physically taxing games such as football and basket ball. The macho actor even at the age of forty five epitomizes the concept of fitness.

5John Abraham
John Abraham















John’s toned body is the result of his diet and well scheduled workouts. His love for football also helped the actor endowed with a God gifted frame and height to remain in shape. He insists on the role of balancing exercise in respect of his physical form. The model turned actor also highlights on the issues of diet and having a proper fitness trainer.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, there are many more deserving a special mention for their perfect physique and figure. It hardly needs to be reiterated that stardom and showbiz pre require a physical frame which can be properly exhibited. So any one in the given business should full fill the given criterion and undergo a lot of sacrifice because sustenance of a well maintained frame requires sacrifice in the form of physical hardships and dietary restrictions.