Top 5 Bollywood Tattoo Lovers

Earlier only our Bollywood actors used to get inked but now days the trend has changed and the pendulum has swung towards our very own beautiful actresses as well as they just can’t stop flaunting their inked part of the body. Well here we have top five Bollywood stars who love getting inked.

1)  Sushmita Sen:
Sushmita Sen





















The actress is a tattoo savvy and loves to get inked. In a year’s times she got tattoos inked on her body four times. The right hand, the left and right wrist and last but not the least her lower back are tattooed with some beautiful delicate designs.



2) Akshay Kumar:
Akshay Kumar
















This International Khiladi has got himself inked on his back with the name of his son Aarav. Inked in a very stylish way he is never shy in flaunting it. Well now we get it why do girls love drooling over him. Apart from the back tattoo, he has even got a Sikh symbol inked on his back wrist. We hope see much more tattoos o this actor’s body.

3) Sanjay Dutt:
Sanjay Dutt
















This man is surely in love with tattoos as he tattooed himself entirely on his back, shoulders and both the hands. He gets inked from a tattoo specialist Hakim Alim with the help of his close friend Vishwas. But one can hardly get a glimpse of his tattoos as he seems to be protective and possessive about it, just the way he is protective and possessive about his wife. The tattoo lover is planning to get himself inked more. Wonder where he gets the inspiration from. But don’t mind those heavenly on your body Sanjay!!

4)  Shah Rukh Khan:
Shahrukh khan
















We can’t strike out this man who is the king of Bollywood. The show stealer, the charmer and the ultimate lover of Bollywood could not keep himself away from the tattoo brigade. The actor who had earlier sported many temporary tattoos in the past has finally got inked permanently this time. The actor got the letter ‘D’ inked on right hand arm for his forth coming movie ‘Don 2’.

5)  Deepika Padukone:
Deepika Padukone
















The stunning model turned actress who was seen sporting a stylish tattoo in her stomach for the title song of the movie ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ had got herself inked on the back neck with the letters ‘RK’, while she was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. However the letters have changed now and the replacement of the initials is still a bit unknown. But we hope to see more form Deepika’s end.

Well we all know that it’s raining tattoos in Bollywood as the trend seems to have caught up in every actors mind now. Tattoos are not stylish in its own way but are very expressive for anyone who likes to get inked. So how our Bollywood stars could lack behind. It has become a fashion statement. Don’t get scared of the pain you supposed to go through because where there is pain there is some love even. So go ahead and sport yourself the Tattoo style!!