Top 5 Bollywood stars and their Collection Sprees

It seems that when celebrities are not in the limelight due to their work, their hobbies help them come back. If you are rich, you have to flaunt it in some way or the other. Whether it is Aishwarya who has a love for watches or John who adores his bikes, the tinsel town boasts of a number of rich stars and their money draining hobbies. Here’s a list of the 5 celebrities who top the list and their expensive obsessions.

Shah Rukh Khan:
Shahrukh Khan







A gadget freak and car enthusiast, Khan likes being up to date with the latest toys in the gadget market. He has a whole floor in his house dedicated to gadgets and video games. He has as many as seven cars in his garage with the Conti GT, BMW convertible and the Audi A6 to name a few. His recent movie Ra One featured a Buggati which is rumored into being an addition to his fleet of cars.

John Abraham:
Jhn Abraham

An avid bike lover, his first bike was a beautiful Yamaha RD350. He says he has a ‘love story’ with this bike. His next affair was with a Kawasaki ZX Ninja and that was followed by a Hayabusa. At that time he was going around with Bipasha Basu and he was quoted saying in an interview that he loved his Hayabusa more than Bipasha and that he could not let anyone touch his bike. He currently owns a Raven, which was gifted to him by Yamaha. He says that riding a bike is more like walking to him. He also loves collecting helmets and is rumored to having a different helmet for each day.

Sonam Kapoor:
Sonam Kapoor

Known for her fashion sense and ability to carry off her ensemble with grace, this style diva loves filling up her wardrobe with the likes of Gucci, Prada and Armani. Her dresses gather rave reviews from the fashion critics at almost every media event. Among accessories, she experiences gravity towards handbags. She owns handbags from classy brands like Channel and Marc Jacobs and coordinates them well with her dresses.

Lara Dutta:
Lara Dutta

A self confessed shopaholic, this former Miss Universe just can’t get enough of shopping. From earrings to shoes, she loves them all. Branded or no branded, Lara Dutta needs to have everything that catches her fancy. Shoes are her weakness. She loves collecting shoes, both international and local brands and keeps adding to her collection wherever she goes. She coordinates her dresses and handbags according to her shoes.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra:
Shilpa Shetty

Another shopaholic, but fancies dresses more than anything else. She believes that style is something that is inherent in an individual and not everyone can learn the art of styling. She dresses up based on her own instincts and not because it’s ‘in’. She has always been a big fan of Zara for buying her casual numbers, while her designer clothes are usually from Donna Karan or Herve Ledger.

Thus, stars have some unique and lavish obsessions with different objects which define them and make us wish we were in their shoes.