Top 5 big fat Bollywood weddings

Wedding marks the ceremonial union of two hearts. It is a ceremonial ritual which leads a couple into the holy bonds of matrimony. The ceremonial affair of wedding occupies a religious significance in the scheme of Indian culture. Despite its enriched variety which brings on difference in respect of nationality, race, religion and culture, any Indian wedding is accompanied by hospitality, celebration and fanfare.

As far as the wedding ceremonies of B town are concerned they stand a class apart with their exuberant show of pomp and glitter.

1.  Mahesh- Lara
Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi


















With the typical exchange of heartfelt promises B town model cum actress Lara Dutta got hitched with the tennis star Mahesh Bhupati in Goa. The Taj Aguada was a witness to the richly soothing ceremony conducted in Catholic style. While white and lacy wedding gown was given a glittering dimension with the bride’s sparkling accessories in diamond, Mahesh posed a striking contrast in his black suit and bow tie. Apart from the near and dear ones, a few known faces from tinsel town and a large number from the tennis community made it to the wedding held on 19th of Feb.

2. Imran- Avantika
Imran Khan and Avantika Malik
























A promising actor and adorable nephew of the renowned actor producer Aamir Khan, Imran got married to his long time date Avantika on 12th of January in the presence of family members and friends at latter’s residence in Bandra. The bride decked in her white sequined lehanga laced with magenta and gold accompanied the smartly dressed bride groom in black suit. The legal marriage was followed by a majestic  reception thrown by the doting Aamir uncle. The promised reception which took place in the month of February attracted the bigwigs of B town. While the bride shone radiantly in her pink lehanga the actresses of Bollywood had a wide variety to offer in respect of their designer saris and suits.

3. Abhishek- Aishwarya
Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan












It was supposed to be one of the biggest events of Bollywood drawing much fanfare and publicity. But it turned out to be a closely guarded affair in ‘Pratiksha’ where Abhi married Ash on 21st April 2007. Despite arousing mammoth curiosity from all and sundry only a few celebrity guests made it to the three tiered wedding ceremony where the religious rites of Karnataka, U.P and Bengal were observed.  Apart from glimpsing into the odd Volvo buses carrying the bridegrooms’ party and that of the flower bedecked Abhishek in his traditional sherwani media was not offered a great deal. Odd pictures of the bashful bride applying mehendi and that of her decked in green Kanjivaram were repeatedly shown on T.V.

4. Hrithik – Sussane
Hrithik and Suzanne











The year 2000 saw Bollywood heart throb Hrithik Roshan getting married to his beloved Sussane, the daughter of actor producer Sanjay Khan. The marriage rites which saw an amalgam of Hinduism and Islam united and gave sanctity to the holy marital bond.  It was also a closely guarded affair involving family friends and relatives at Sanjay Khan’s resort based in Bangalore. But the media was offered an official photo shoot of the couple after the completion of the ceremony. The couple sparkled in their traditional garments of sherwani and gold sari.

5. Vivek- Priyanka
Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva











After the traditional wedding at Bangalore, reception at Mumbai brought a colorful end to the union of Vivek and Priyanka on 1st Novemer 2019. The lavish reception included a sparkling array of celebrity invitees ranging from cricketers, cine stars and politicians. The bride and bridegroom in their traditional décor looked to be in perfect peace and harmony.

May the world’s choicest blessing be showered on each and every of the couples.