Top 10 Photos Made News in 2014

1. Aamir-Salman peeing: The two Khans drew loads of attention when Aamir tweeted the picture showing both these buddies peeing together in the bushes! The image went viral on the eve of ‘Jai Ho’.

2.  Deepika Ranveer: The handsome actor spiced up his off screen romance with Dippy, by posting a close shot of the two love birds, accompanied by the caption "Don't we look great together?"

3. SRK Salman hug: When both hugged at iftaar party, it was a pleasant surprise for fans when they saw the two sharing a warm relationship, and enjoying each other’s company.

4. ‘PK’ Poster: Mr. Perfectionist ruled headlines the minute the poster of his upcoming film ‘PK’ was released. The picture shows him completely naked, only with a transistor to cover the front!

5. DDLJ screening: Fans went berserk when Kajol and SRK relived the DDLJ moments, with SRK holding mandolin, and Kajol standing happily behind him. The event was held at Maratha Mandir to celebrate the 1000 weeks of the screening of the blockbuster.

6. Big B and Sachin Tendulkar: Badshah of Bollywood and the King of Cricket were seen together at the Mumbai police event in January. The two shared a cordial hug, and Sachin respectfully touched Amitabh’s feet at 'Umang 2014'.

7. Stardust SRK-Amitabh moment: Well, Big B seems to be blessing a lot of celebs! At the Stardust 2014 Award, SRK bagged two awards for his blockbuster ‘Happy New Year’. He was then seen touching Big B’s feet when he went on to the stage to receive the trophy.

8. Rakhi’s campaign: People were literally shocked on hearing who was entering the politics world- Rakhi Sawant! She further added to the fun when she drove around in an autorickshaw, to promote Rashtriya Aam Party with her motto “Desh hoga tab Mahan, Naari ka hoga jab Samman.”

9. 20th anniversary of Miss World: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan celebrated this special event on November 19 by donating for a noble cause. She blessed 100 children with clefts by financially supporting their surgery. She was photographed with several children and was quoted “A smile is incomplete without a heart that is warmed by it. Find that smile within you and spread it, beyond you. It’s the most special experience in life.”

10. Rekha’s moves: The evergreen beauty was seen shaking a leg at a cultural concert held in February. Dazzling in orange golden saree, she danced to the songs of Asha Bhosle, while gracefully smiling to the applause from the audience.