Top 10 metrosexual Indian actors

Gone are those days when Indian men would not care about how they would look. These are the times when they too are aware of their appearances and really work on them. It’s the age of the metro-sexual men and the ones who started this trend are none other than our actors. Let us take a look at some of these classy and well-turned-out male actors who introduced the words ‘fashion’, ‘style’ and ‘fitness’ into the dictionary of ordinary men.

Amitabh Bachchan-

Like they say old is gold. Be it the award functions or the sets of KBC Big B always wears the best outfits. His taste of style is classy and this suits well his personality.

Shah Rukh Khan-

SRK makes a style statement in whatever he wears. He puts on the best fitted tuxedos ever for formal events. Otherwise he always wears casuals but yet manages to look classy and charming. No wonder he is looked upon as one of the style icons.

Hrithik Roshan-

He is referred to as a Greek God. He has a chiselled and sharp look. This light-eyed man has ruled the hearts of girls since the time he made his first appearance in the film “Kaho Naa Pyar Hai”. He can look like a simple yet charismatic boy-next-door or can also manage to look hot like in “Dhoom 3”, where he sported a tan look.

Akshay Kumar-

He has been known as a Casanova in his youth in the industry not without reason. He had the looks and the physique and now he is only getting better with age. He is one of the fittest actors in the industry who does not hit the gym but does taekwondo and martial arts. Fitness too is an important part of grooming and he best exemplifies it.

John Abraham-

He is the man who has been the most fashionable and well-groomed right from the beginning of his career. This has been mostly because he has been a supermodel and has seen the fashion industry from close quarters. He is the best looking Bollywood actor today. He is one of those few actors who has both male and female fans. From his chiselled body to his appearance, everything is aped by the men of today’s generation. He is the person who made long hair fashionable. Evidently, he is the face of men’s products and grooming accessories on television.

Ranbir Kapoor-

He belongs to the first family of actors in Bollywood. Each of them has been known for their good-looks and he is no different. He looked like a boy-next-door in his first film but since then has come a long way. Today he sports different appearances in his films. He sported rugged look in “Rockstar” and a meek and unpretentious look in “Barfi” and managed to look charming in both.

Arjun Rampal-

He had been a model in the beginning of his career and then transgressed to acting. He is good looking and has excellent grooming skills. He has a well-toned body and has fine-looking appearance to match with it.

Saif Ali Khan-

From a pink t-shirt in “Salaam Namaste” to tuxedos and ‘bandhgalas’ in formal events, Saif has sported it all. He is the quintessential metrosexual man of today’s age and more so because he is the “Chote Nawab”.

Salman Khan-

He is the man who made men give fitness priority. He introduced it in the industry and has till date maintained it. Also he is very beautiful to look at that makes him date the hottest girls in the industry.

Mahesh Babu-

He is an ace actor at the moment in the Southern industry. He is married to Namrata Shirodkar. He is one of the few actors down South who is well-groomed.
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