Top 10 Bollywood actors who need a career change

Everybody has an opinion about Bollywood, be it about the films, songs or the actors. The masses have their own top favourites. The audiences normally divide in their opinion on the actors as not all are talented in the Hindi Film Industry. Some are lauded by the masses universally while others are considered a pain to watch on the silver screen. There are many actors and actresses who struggle to appeal to the general masses.

Though it cannot be enumerated definitely, about the actors who are considered not-so-talented as different people have different opinions, a rough list can be made judging purely on the basis of the general consensus.

Jackie Shroff-

He has offered the film audiences with many unique movies in his time. However, Bollywood now has moved on and he too is past his prime. He should now respectfully retire.

Suniel Shetty-

He was never able to make a mark in Bollywood like his contemporaries. The movies where he was able to hold his own were the ‘Hera Pheri’ series, but that is not enough. He appears in Priyadarshan’s ventures but has always been side-lined by the other leads. Thus rather than mortifying himself all the more he should look for a change in his career.

Abhishek Bachchan-

A lot of expectations had always been around him in his initial days that never let him form a space of his own.  Being the son of Amitabh Bachchan has proved to be too costly for him. He has the same acting style as his father. We do not know if he copies him or his genes are to be blamed for it. But when we have the original we do not want the imitative Abhishek to churn out the same expressions as his father.

John Abraham-

Models always have the image of being poker-faced. John too has fallen prey to the age-old thought. He today is one of the most viable and sought-after actor who has many hits to his credit and has also been a part of big banner films. However, his acting skills have always been questioned and he has not quite been able to break the believed notion about models-turned-actors.

Emraan Hashmi-

He was always known as a ‘serial kisser’, who only did his uncle, Mahesh Bhatt’s films. With time he is percolating into the other camps of the industry. However, the one trait that he as an actor refuses to get rid of is selling raunchiness on screen. He has been showing off-late peeps into his ‘acting’ talent but that is not enough unless it is flaunted without being backed by sleaze.

Imran Khan-

After his debut film this actor has shown signs of being limited in his acting talent and has also been inconsistent. Also he is typecast in roles that are mostly one-dimensional. He should either buck-up or bid adieu to the industry.

Rani Mukherjee-

There is no doubt about her talent but we have seen Rani do all kinds of roles. Plus films like “Aiyyaa” can do little to save her career now.

Preity Zinta-

Out of sight, out of mind has been the case with her. When she was busy juggling different careers Bollywood drastically changed and her latest offering “Ishq in Paris” looks clichéd and outdated.

Sonam Kapoor-

She started off her career as an actor but later transgressed to being a ‘fashionista’. She has no good film to her credit. She should change her career right away because Bollywood is definitely not meant for her.
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