Three glamour icons and their trends of evolution

They may have gone well past their teens and twenties. But having a fare exposure to the world of glamour and that of style, the following Bollywood beauties have come to adopt a unique style statement. But prolonged exposure to the ways of this glamour town, has contributed to the various stages of evolution before shaping out a unique trend. Each of them has been through evolutionary stages, before coming into their very own.

1. Rani Mukherjee
Rani Mukherjee






The bright and fervent Bengali girl has had her stages in the scheme of gradual progression. While initially, skirts, minis and halter necks and spaghettis dictated her claim to style; there were times when the ever smiling Rani would like to flaunt loud makeup. Again, there were days when the chirpy seductress went for elegant drapes and shimmering gowns with the least use of kohl and liners. The fashion diva known for her quick shifts to glamour and quotients of style has been doing it all with panache and confidence. Well into her thirties, the style icon known when and how to say it all with style trademarks both oriental and occidental.

2. Sonali Bendre

The petite damsel with a perfect frame might not have done justice to her inborn potentials during her peak of prime. Having loads of beauty and classical poise, the diva could have struck an unforgettable image. But that wasn’t to be with awkward styling of fashion fads. But all said and done, things have changed for the better during her second stint with the glamour industry. The petite damsel having changed over to a pretty woman comes up with a wonderful blend of fashion and poise to put across her claim to the facets of style. Be it oriental or western, Sonali is able to affect an image of perfect poise and that of suave.

3. Kajol

From her adventurous exploration through the alleys of Bollywood to the advent into the soothing folds of matrimony and motherhood; Kajol’s has been a long story to revel and unravel. It wasn’t too long when Kajol said it with her shabby clothes of lackluster make. The startling actress perhaps wanted to put across her claim on strength of acting. Though she managed to make her mark, her style statement was there to take a beating. But as of now, the chirpy actress of much talent has often been found stating it with elegant and dollops of style. Despite being straightforward in her selection of drapes and evening gowns, the sporty actress and mother of two is finally managing to forge a look a groom and startling fashion.