Things that surprise Shahrukh!

<a href='//' title='Shahrukh Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='shahrukh-khan' id='article_tag_data_shahrukh-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Shahrukh Khan</strong></a>There are things that surprise Shah Rukh Khan. "I look at my kids while they are sleeping and realize how tall they have become," he says. "Very soon they will be as tall as I am. I guess I need to spend more time with them before that happens."
That's why this King Khan of Bollywood had decided to be jobless for a while. "I have rapped up Yashji's film and 'Swades'. Next, I will go on a
world tour, following which I am going to sit at home and write my memoirs."

Shah Rukh is a very contented man these days; his 'Main Hoon Naa' has just completed 100 days. But which role makes him the happiest, that of a producer, an actor or a friend of Farha's?
"I am one and therefore when you do a film you are involved in it too. It feels nice that it's the biggest grosser of the year. Now let's hope we don't screw that up with my next production."

The fact that he hasn't signed up any new film doesn't really mean introspection time for the star.

"Why does everybody talk about doing something different?" He wonders aloud. "When I hear so many scripts, they all sound the same to me. Then there are directors who tell me that what they want to do next might be familiar ground for me but something different for them. Which means there will be songs, dances, melodrama, foreign locales and Shah Rukh."

And he admits there are no crossover offers either. "Nobody has approached me," he says. "I guess I don't look like cross-over material. People ask me, 'Has Mira Nair offered you a role?' And I tell them, 'She's a good friend but strangely enough she hasn't offered me a role yet'."

So up next is Karan Johar's next film?
"I think he might start that in January, considering we aren't doing the film we had originally planned." He elaborates his close friend's state of mind following Yash Johar's demise. "Karan wants to do something more personal at this moment. And I don't want to rush him into it." That apart, Farha Khan is writing another film. While he struck gold at the box-office with his last two productions - 'Chalte-Chalte' and 'Main Hoon Naa'-- Shah Rukh feels he's just as cocky when it comes to lavishly spending on his home productions.
"I guess there was something lacking in our first two films, but that never really bothered me. My mother always used to say that there is something to learn from every experience."

But what he really intends to do is expand his ad film unit. "We are doing quite a bit of commercials," he points out. "I just want to do a lot more because there are so many youngsters in the company with ideas and all of them cant make feature films."

What about seeing the ultimate couple on screen once again?
"Kajal is a dear friend. I know her family and she has a really sweet baby. I would love to do a film with her but it depends on the director and the producer. As far as I as a producer go, I don't suggest casting. Are all of you directors listening, I would love to do a film with my buddy Kajol."