There's no nude scene in the film, Kangana

As the Bhatt’s camp Raaz - The Mystery Continues is set to release, the film is making news for ample of factors. First due to Adhyayan Suman and Kangana’s relationship, secondly, due to the scary scenes and thirdly Kangana's nude scene which she has denied in an interview. The news that is making waves regarding her naked scene is brushed off by Kangana by calling it a mere rumor.

She clarifies, "I want to clarify one thing that there's no nude scene in the film. There's no question of body double because I had never shot for such scene. I don't want to mislead public who want to watch Raaz – The Mystery Continues for some other reasons. Censor definitely objected it but to the horror elements of the film because there are some really scary scenes in the film. I think kids should not watch this film alone because it’s really scary."

Speaking about her character and the film, she clarifies, "All my films are close to reality and people could relate to it but Raaz is a completely different genre. When I heard its script I was completely scared and thought it's the kind of film I wanted to work in."