There is nothing vulgar about a bra, Kangana Ranaut

Like almost all film fraternities Kangana Ranaut also expressed her views on censor board’s strict guidelines and feels the need of liberty of expression. In the wake of ‘Udta Punjab’ controversy, Kangana expressed her concern about the issue.  

When Ms Ranaut, 29, was asked about her opinion on the ‘Udta Punjab’ controversy at an award ceremony she said, "We all have been very concerned with the way things are going. I am not a director and I have not been through that process."

"But people whom I closely work with seem extremely disturbed with the way things are and to an extent, they feel bullied. They know there is a process of certification. We do not ought to have that sort of parental attitude towards audiences that we need to protect them," said Ms Ranaut.

Kangana also recalled an incident when during the release of ‘Queen’, director Vikas Bahl was asked to blur a scene as the censor board thought it was "vulgar."

"In Queen, there was a little funny moment where a boy spots a bra on my bed. So the director called me and said that the censor is blurring the bra as they think it is vulgar. My director was furious. As artistes we don't see it as a danger to society. There is nothing vulgar about a woman's bra," said Ms Ranaut.

Vikas Bahl is one of the three people who heads Phantom Films, co-producing ‘Udta Punjab’.

"Cinema is all about detailing. We need our own creative freedom and we are definitely sort of pressed against the wall and there is so much outrage. I hope it will be addressed and I hope there won't be such incidents in future," said Ms Ranaut.