The 10 most iconic characters of Bollywood

As Bollywood completes its long journey over the 100 years of Indian cinema, we get a myriad of memorable character. Considering the heroes, the heroines, the villains, the character actors and the item girls, it becomes extremely difficult to choose only 10 characters that we love. So, here is a short list of those 10 characters which still remain uppermost in the mind of the avid fans of Bollywood.

1.“kitne aadmi the?” the speaker of this immortal dialogue was Gabbar Singh – probably the most famous villain of Bollywood. This role played by Amjaad Khan in Sholay remains unmatched to this day even though hundreds of other dacoit leaders and gangsters have appeared on the silver screen of Indian cinema. Ruthless, cruel and powerful, Gabbar is the quintessential villain whose name was enough to put kids to sleep.

2.Radha in Mother India played by Nargis when she was only 26 years old remains an iconic character in Indian cinema. A woman’s journey from her wedding day till her old age when she is forced to kill her own son resonates with every viewer.

3.Our next favorite character came much later to the screen, but he became an instant hit. This is the lovable Munnabhai in both Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai. We laughed with him, we cried with him and we fell in love all over again with Sanjay Dutt as he showed off his muscles in the ragging session.

4.Another iconic villain of Bollywood and our next favorite character is Mogambo in Mr. India. The role, played by Amrish Puri has been made famous by the catchphrase “Mogambo khush hua”. His threat of world domination and acid pool where he drowned his subordinates has made him a fearsome villain.

5.Inspector Vijay in Zanjeer – a star was born. Amitabh Bachchan brought to life an angry young man who soon became synonymous with Bollywood and Hindi cinema.

6.Anand portrayed by Rajesh Khanna can still wring a tear or two though you have watched the film several times. The unaffected friendliness of a dying man has made this character immortal.

7.Crime master Gogo portrayed by Shakti Kapoor in Andaaz apna apna represents Bollywood’s flair for mixing the bad with the comic. The humor and craziness of this character has made it loved by all.

 8.Bhikhu Mhatre played by Manoj Bajpayee is next on list. You cannot help but love this man who is a ruthless crime lord, yet a loving family man.

9. The talkative and effervescent character of Basanti in Sholay portrayed by Hema Malini remains next in line.

 10.Finally, Raju in Guide played by Dev Anand has passed the test of time appealing to viewers of many generations.
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