The success of ‘Krrish 3’ brings a happy Diwali for Hrithik

Hrithik Roshan is very happy after receiving a welcome response from audience for his movie ‘Krrish 3’. ‘Krrish 3’ is a science fiction super hero movie which was released yesterday and saw impressive occupancy at the theaters. Hrithik is glad that this Diwali will be a happy one for entire Roshan clan.

Hrithik was present at the Gaiety cinema where he watched his movie ‘Krrish 3’ along with audiences. He said, “I want to thank the audience from the bottom of my heart and from the entire team of 'Krrish 3'.”

He also said, “I am so overwhelmed that I can't find words to thank them. I am happy and it is going to be a happy Diwali.”

‘Krrish 3’ is the third installment from the series of ‘Krrish’ movies. At the special screening of the movie on Thursday, Rakesh Roshan, the director of ‘Krrish 3’ said, “The film that I had envisioned, I completed that, I completed my dream. I feel very victorious. It's up to the audience now, what they say.”

After the release of the movie, it was seen that Rakesh didn’t reveal too much in the promos of the movie. He said, “I did not want to show anything that is in the film before the release, I wanted to hide the film and the elements in the promo.” He further added, “I only wanted to tell the audience that the film is coming. So when they come to watch the film, they do not know what is in it.”

Lyricist Javed Akhtar congratulated Rakesh Roshan for making a sci fi movie matching the standard of Hollywood movies. Javed said, “It will take me a day or two to contain my amazement. I am stunned to see that our country can also make films with such finesse and superior technique.”

“The techniques and special effects in the film are not less than any international film.” he added.

“It is a time of good movies and it is a good film. I congratulate Rakesh Roshan, it is truly a director's film. The way he conceived it and made it, is wonderful”, he also added.

‘Krrish 3’ got grand opening. Deepak Sharma, COO of PVR Pictures confirmed a great opening of the movie. He said, “The advance booking is as good as it was for 'Chennai Express' and opened like that all across India. Once holiday starts it will do amazing business. It can be in the league of Rs.200 crore. Going by morning show, it's looking good.”