The Seven Hills hospital gears up for AB Baby

Mumbai Seven Hills hospital is taking all the necessary precautions for the safe delivery of Aishwarya's baby. They made sure that in this crucial time the Bachchan parivar gets all the privacy and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s delivery been carried out without any internal and external disturbances. Doctors, security staff, cleaning staff were all allotted their duty. A special suite which has also a spa attached to it on the fifth floor of the hospital has been booked for the Bachchan bahurani.

The hospital authorities also made sure that no media could enter the hospital premises and leak any sort of information. The security staff was allotted 12 hours shift instead of 8 hours. To provide absolute confidentiality to the Bachchan, the staff are ordered not to carry mobile phones while entering Ash’s room.

A source said, "The authorities are afraid that a staffer will click a picture of the family that would hurt their reputation. Hence, they have imposed a ban on phones."

Ash chose this particular hospital as her sister-in-law Srima reportedly gave birth to her son at the same hospital.

"The hospital is not crowded allowing the star family to maintain a certain level of privacy," said a hospital doctor.