The rocking love story of cricketer and Bolly stars

Isn’t Bollywood somehow linked to the glamour quotient of the cricketing world? With both providing spices for the grapevine, there are illustrations in plenty to show the gracious points of affinity. After all, the classy amalgam of cricket and reel has reasons to make tabloids revel and unravel, leading to whooping quotient of popularity.

1. Sharmila Tagore & M.A.K Pataudi
Pataudi and Sharmila






The duo counts amongst the handful few who managed to live out the ravages of time. Despite having to face familial opposition, the awesome blend of beauty and finesse not only culminated in marriage but also lived through thick and thin, until death came chose to part them.

2.  Amrita Singh & Ravi Shastri
Amrita Singh & Ravi Shastri

Once a proverbial heartthrob of petite sirens- the cricketing hero Ravi Shastri was known for his amorous tie with Amrita Singh- the former wife of Saif Ali Khan. But life with its interesting twists had them take to different ways. Despite, the news of engagement rocking the hot and vibrant glamour circles, the cooing couple broke off for reasons best known to them.

3.  Anju Mahendroo & Sir Gary Sobers
Anju Mahendroo & Sir Gary Sobers

The sizzling actress of the yesteryear renowned for her long spell of courtship with the cricketing legend of all times was in for disappointment as well. In them, there is another illustration of long drawn innings which was yet to find its fruition in marriage.

4. Md. Azharuddin & Sangeeta Bijlani
Md. Azharuddin & Sangeeta Bijlani

Having rocked the glamour tabloids with news and views of their amorous exploits, Md. Azharuddin chose to part with his first wife for accepting the hands of the fashion model. Happily settled into marital bliss; it wasn’t long when issues of disruption started doing the rounds. The cause seemed to be the batsman’s so called link up with Jwala Gutta. To go by sources, disgruntled Sangeeta even sought to reconcile to the boyish brat and ex-boyfriend Salman Khan. But fortunately or unfortunately, no such package could materialize.

5. Imran Khan & Zeenat Aman
Imran Khan & Zeenat Aman

One of the most flamboyant cricket stars of all times, the glitzy and sensational Imran Khan hit the tabloids for his so called links with Zeenat Aman- the heartthrob of yesteryear. But though grapevine was in rapture about the flattering combination of reel and wicket; the duo is yet to vouch for the reality. Known to one another by way of a mutual friend, it is difficult to say if things were as mutual as it was painted out to be.