Mystery behind John Abraham’s sudden marriage unfolds

The handsome hunk John Abraham is a youth icon and the heartthrob for his young female fans. The dashing Bollywood star recently announced his engagement that took the entire world by surprise. His wedding news came out of the blue almost in the same fashion as that of the successful Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni’s marriage earlier.

John tweeted recently as “Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed 2014! May this year bring you love, good fortune and joy. Love, John and Priya Abraham.”. The signing off of the actor as ‘John and Priya Abraham’ made the whole media and tinsel town to stand up and take notice. The buzz gained momentum that the actor is not single anymore.

After the breakup of John with his long term girlfriend Bipasha Basu, John kept a low profile and almost always avoided speaking in public about his love life. Therefore, it is a mystery why he should suddenly talk about the lady in his life on a social site. It is rumored that the couple were married back in 2011 itself and it is only now that John has felt as the appropriate time to announce the news to the world. It is also rumored that John’s wife Priya might be in the family way which have forced John to break his silence and announce his relation.

On 28th of December 2013 John was photographed in Mumbai airport. He was there to catch his flight to US as he wished to spend the New Year with Priya. All this time John has maintained a silence about Priya. Though, in November 2011 during his interview to HitList he has mentioned about Priya. He only stated that Priya was a banker by profession, her family was settled in US and they met through friends who were common to both.

It was heard that Bipasha was pushing for a marriage in 2011 which made John panic and breakup his relation with Bipasha as he was not mentally prepared to take up the responsibility of commitment. Therefore, even if he got married to Priya in the same year when he broke up with his girlfriend to avoid commitment would have raised many an eyebrows.  Maintaing a silence over his marriage for a reasonable period would surely ensure that his reason of ‘commitment phobia’ would not be questioned by the media.