The Most Memorable Spats in Bollywood

Bollywood industry has been a place where fights between superstars are inevitable and can never have a finishing line. Be it the actors or directors, everyone has been a part of some huge controversial fights in Bollywood over the years. Here are the few most controversial fights between stars till now:

SRK and Salman Khan:
Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan






The two most powerful Khans in Bollywood came at a brawl with each other when Salman hosted a surprise birthday party for his Ex- girlfriend Katrina Kaif. The fight went so ugly that the two almost came down to hitting each other. This was considered the biggest fight between the two Ex-best friends in Bollywood. Till date the two haven’t been in talking terms with each other.

Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan:
Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan











There has been a constant fight between the King of Bollywood and the perfectionist of Bollywood as the two don’t leave any chance to take pot shots at each other. This is even one the oldest fights in Bollywood and this might not see an end as well. The equation between the two can never go fine.

Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu:
Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu









The cat fight between the two started off when the two were shooting together for the movie, ‘Ajnabee’. If rumors are to be believed then the Diva of Bollywood remarked the Dusky Beauty as the black cat of Bollywood and as result Bipasha Basu always gave Kareena a cold shoulder. It was even said that the two were not talking to each other, when they were shooting for the film, ‘Omkara’.

Kelly Dorjee and Dino Morea:
Kelly Dorjee and Dino Morea




Well this was one of the most infamous fights in Bollywood as Kelly Dorjee held Dino Morea responsible for his break up with his long time girlfriend, Lara Dutta, who recently got married to Indian Tennis star, Mahesh Bhupati. Kelly was so upset about his break up that he publically held Dino the culprit and main reason behind his break up with the pretty actress. Before the fight the two men were very fond of each other and were best buddies at that time.

Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Verma:
Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Varma
















Things went dirty between the two highly talented directors when Ram Gopal Verma remarked Karan Johar’s ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ the most horrifying movie of the year on a social networking site. Karan could not stand it and reverted back with a bang to Verma’s comments on his film with a smart statement. Till date the two hold a grudge against each other and keep on taking pot shots at each other.

Meera and Mahesh Bhatt:
Mahesh Bhatt and Meera








Well another insane and infamous controversial spats, which hit the B-Town was the fight between Mahesh Bhatt and Meera, the famous Pakistani actress. She accused Mahesh of slapping her and getting possessive about her in public. But when she was confronted she turned hostile and denied the statement.

Well the fights can never end and can only be taken to a new height every time. But we hope the fight between the stars just stop and everything between them settles down.