The Mismatched Couples of Bollywood

Nobody is perfect; this goes out to the film makers as well. Casting directors throughout the ages have made major blunders when choosing their main lead. Take the recent movie Robot for example. With due respect to the Tamil superstar Rajnikant, Aishwarya Rai did not seem his better half from any angle in the movie. In Bollywood too there have been many couples who could not attract the audience with their on screen chemistry. Few of those disasters have been listed below.

Amitach Bacchan and Jiah Khan in Nishabd: The father of all disastrous couples on screen. Amitabh Bacchan could not bring out the dirty daddy in him even as he watched Jiah Khan bathe herself in the water with the garden hose pipe. The Indian audience could not accept such a bold theme and could not imagine their idol Amitabh Bacchan lust a nineteen year old Jiah Khan. The film drowned at the box office.

Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan in Kismet Konnection: The couple was an eye sore and people preferred to keep their eyes closed throughout the movie. Plainly speaking, Shahid andVidya’s chemistry was cold and boring. The story line added to the boredom.  Shahid Kapoor plays an architect guy whose lady luck is Vidya Balan. Considering the film’s performance at the box office, it seems Balan was not at all lucky for him or the movie. Media claimed that Balan looked much older than Shahid in the movie and that was the reason why the couple failed to click.

Katrina Kaif and Govinda in Partner: Govinda should accept the fact that he is no longer fit to act as the hero in a film and gone are his ‘Street Dancer’ days when he was a dancing sensation. The movie Partner saw Govinda playing the role of Bhaskar who falls hopelessly in love with Katrina Kaif. With the help of Salman Khan he is able to woo the girl of his dreams. The film was fun, but seeing the young Katrina Kaif romancing middle aged Govinda was too much for the audience. Thankfully, they haven’t been seen together in any other film since Partner.
Katrina Kaif

Tanisha and Uday Chopra in Neal n Nikki: Blame it on Tanisha’s dresses or the couple’s irritating chemistry, the film flopped badly. Tanisha could have looked better with some clothes on and not having her rib cage sticking out in every shot. Both the actors looked more like ‘wannabes’ than lovers.

Uday Chopra and Priyanka Chopra in Pyaar Impossible: The title of the movie says it all. This movie was impossible for the viewers. A geeky Uday Chopra loves the college diva Priyanka Chopra. 8 years later, he finds himself babysitting her daughter from an annulled marriage. A non sense plot and Uday Chopra in the lead are the perfect ingredients for a flop film.
Pyar Impossible

Imraan and Shruti Hassan in Luck: Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are known for their sizzling chemistry on screen and they credit their real life friendship for this. Actors Shruti Hassan and Imraan are also very good friends in real life, but somehow their chemistry is as frigid as ice. In Luck, they seemed extremely uncomfortable romancing each other. The film flopped no doubt.
Imraan and Shruti

Salman Khan and Zareen in Veer: She was rumored to be Katrina Kaif’s sister but after watching the movie, critics said she could pass off as Salman Khan’s elder sister. Zareen was expressionless except a smile or two in a couple of shots. Salman seemed romancing a statue in the palace of Madhavgarh and not the princess of the same.
Salman and Veer