The leading social activists of B town

Issue based social activism with a penchant for societal betterment, can extend beyond the realms of Anna Hazare, Ram Devji and Medha Patkar. With every individual being a part of the social fabric; it is the birthright of each and every citizen; including the glamour struck celebrities of B town.

1. Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan




















Apart from his deft handling of roles and script with a fair blend of style, perfection and acumen; Aamir Khan has been well known for his strictures and principles. Besides coming up openly in support of Medha Patkar on the issues of ‘Sardar Sarovar Dam’ to have been constructed on the Narmada River; Aamir has once again come into the forefront by expressing his solidarity and support to the crusading Anna Hazare. Socially vibrant as he is, Aamir is equally receptive to the cause of terrestrially threatening global warming. Having promised support to one of the eco friendly campaigns initiated in 2009, he also epitomizes and upholds the “Incredible India Campaign” to boost tourism.

2.  Shabana Azmi
Shabana Azmi















The versatile actress has shown her penchant for social activism, by way of her active participation in causes related to women’s empowerment. Having used mass media to garner support for the victims of AIDS, Shabana has also been known working for the betterment of slum dwellers. Her involvement in socially significant issues also included the cause of communal harmony, solidarity with the displaced migrants of Kashmir and that of the dislocated victims of Latur earthquake.

3. Rahul Bose
Rahul Bose















Another versatile delineator apart from essaying roles in award winning scripts has made his presence felt by virtue of his direct involvement with socially relevant issue such as peace, justice and  gearing to  the education of the underprivileged lot. Besides pioneering an N.G.O which caters to the purpose of charity; the Bong actor happened to be a vocal supporter of “Narmada Bachao” movement.

4. Gul Panang
Gul Panag















Reflecting the essence of beauty with a purpose, the former Miss India happens to be an effective social worker. Presently, associated with two leading social organizations; Gul’s purview of interaction centers on- awareness about drug addiction, leveling the base of gender inequality, youth empowerment, environmental issues and modes of disaster management.

5. Nafisa Ali
Nafisa Ali















Elegantly graceful model cum actress has always known to have made her vibrant presence felt on account of her varying interests and involvement in matters pertaining to social cause. Having headed the prestigious ‘Human Rights Forum’; Nafisa is well known for having started a rehabilitation center for stigmatized victims of AIDS, rehabilitating victims affected by cyclone in Orissa and those dislocated owing to earthquake.

With the inspiring participation of celebs in socially pertinent issues, there is little doubt that the entire gamut of social service takes on a new look and meaning, as more individuals are drawn in to provide support to the same.