The leading rivalries in Bollywood

Rivalry is but a part of life and survival in a grimly competitive scenario. The similar holds true for the glitter struck existence of Bollywood, where one is constantly subject to the constant grimes of tests and tribulations. Rivalry among stars and starlets is quite a common occurrence in the world of showbiz. Interestingly, it is more rampant amongst the star actresses than amongst their masculine counterparts.

1. Sridevi & Madhuri Dixit
Sridevi and Madhuri









To go by sources, Sridevi’ being out competed by the junior dancing diva- Madhuri Dixit, made the Southern sensation the latter’s rival. For quite sometimes Sridevi singularly dominated the box office scenario, receiving little or no competition from other contemporaries. But as the scintillatingly spontaneous Madhuri spearheaded her way up the ladder of success, things shaped into bitter rivalry.

2. Kareena Kapoor & Bipasha Basu
Kareena and Bipasha









While the erstwhile pair of Sridevi & Madhuri illustrated the example of suavely polished rivalry, with the currently rampant rivalry of Kareena Kapoor & Bipasha Basu, one gets an insight into harsh bitterness and outright display of ill feelings. Equally hot and sizzling in their expression and delineation, the duo is even accused of abusing and calling each other names.

3. Aishwarya Rai & Rani Mukherjee
Aishwarya and Rani
















In Aishwarya and Rani, one gets an illustration how stardom can directly affect relationships of love and hatred. Things worked fine between the glamour struck entertainers until; Rani was offered the prized role in ‘Chalte Chalte’- one slated previously for the lovely Aish. Despite maintaining modicum of decency, the duo are cautiously concerned about avoiding one another in gatherings and otherwise.

4. Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor
Deepika and Sonam









The contemporary debutantes, whose debut films were unleashed on the same day, were always shown as stereo typed rivals by the print media. Their mutual softness towards the lady killing ‘Dashing Kapoor’ was another factor drifting them apart. But quite interestingly, with his reported cold shuddering of both, the same man brought them together. In course of a recently held talk show, the promising pair of Deeps and Sonam did not waste opportunities in coming down on the junior Kapoor.

5.Priyanka Chopra & Kareena Kapoor
Kareena and Priyanka










Besides the hot & sultry Bips, the younger of the Kapoor scion- the gorgeously fragile Kareena, also finds herself at loggerheads with Priyanka Chopra- another of hers contemporaries. In fact, the latest development of rivalry pertains to their mutual interest in one of Madhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming project- ‘Heroine’.

Despite accepting the existence of competition and urge for security leading on to ill feelings and rivalry, one can not underestimate the role of media in creating and harnessing situations of rivalry.