The high profile Aishwarya’s Baby Shower ceremony

With Aishwarya Rai entering her final three months of first pregnancy, the Bacchan family is all set to celebrate and share their joy of the imminent advent of the baby in their home. The former beauty queen’s mother in law, Jaya Bacchan has already announced a high profile and lavish baby shower tomorrow i.e. 18th of October. She wants to leave no stone unturned and do as much as possible to gather blessings of people so as to ensure the healthy and delightful arrival of the baby.

The ceremony will be taking place at their grand residence named “Jalsa” and will be adorned by the presence of many big Bollywood names and personalities. A Bollywood daily has reported that the occasion would be of grand proportions quoting a source as saying “The Bachchans are known to be very traditional. They celebrate all traditions and customs in a grand manner. And the arrival of Abhishek`s baby calls for a major celebration, and the women of the family had been planning this for a long time. Ash, is due to deliver next month.”

Jaya Bacchan, is reported to be really excited on this occasion and is determined to make the occasion beautiful, grand and memorable to celebrate the arrival of her first grandchild. The source added “Jaya is planning everything down to the last detail - from the menu to what her bahu will wear, to the jewellery, singing and dancing. The event will be held in the afternoon. As per Indian customs, the girl leaves for her mother’s house after the baby shower. Ash will go to her mother’s house and the Rais will follow their own customs and traditions, but that will an intimate gathering of close friends and family members only,”

Further it is known from sources that Jaya and Abhishek’s sister Shweta are so excited about the whole affair that they are personally calling and inviting the friends and acquaintances for the event. Bacchans are really excited and thrilled about their grandson’s ceremony and wish everyone to grace the occasion and share the happiness.

Such is the delight of the would be father Abhishek Bacchan , that he will be flying down to Mumbai from Jaipur interrupting the tight 50 day schedule of shooting of “Bol Bacchan”  to celebrate and be with his family.

A long list of celebrity guests are expected to take part in the humongous celebrations.