The controversial films of 2011

In the world of glitz and glamour, controversy can hold all the aces. Other than making way for the much sought after publicity propaganda, controversy offers its necessary bit to help you be in the focus of limelight. Headline grabbing moves may not be always profitable, but there are flicks from the realm of Bollywood striking gold with such moves

1. Arakshan

The bonanza from Prakash Jha with a strong socio-political had controversy dogging all its way. Giving rise to rave and rants in addition to fervent protests, the movie evoked mixed response at the critical level. Amid shouts for bans and pre release tension, the sensational drama had to do away with its controversial contents to pacify protesters.

2.  Rockstar


In one of its controversial moves, the film showcased a flag projecting ‘Free Tibet’. But with censor board coming into action, the creatives had to do away with the same, making way for controversy and discontent amongst the Tibetan community

3. Ragini MMS
Ragini MMS

Involving a real life drama, the film dealing with paranormals was always in the news for its scenes of horror, sexual ploys and use of language. To add fuel to the fire, the real life character by the name of Deepika came up with threatening statements, vouching to take legal action against its creative geniuses

4. Delhi Belly
Delhi Belly


‘Bhag Bhag D.K Bose might have had youths in raptures, but the lyric provoked raised eye brows with traditionalists and the elderly folks decrying it. Dealing with the generation X their unpredictability and bold mannerisms, the film notched up profitable returns. The directorial venture of Abhinay Deo could create ripples amongst critics as well.

5. Heroine

The majestic bonanza of Madhur Bhandarkar came into the focus of contention, when the lead actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan came into the open with her good news. Giving rise to ripples of wave as to its possible screening, fate of the extravaganza was in question. However, things seemed to have settled down with the Bachchan bahu making way for the highly glamorous Kareena Kapoor

6. Not A Love Story
Not a love story

Unveiling the sensational reality of Neeraj Grover’s murder mystery, the film made way for much controversy because of its real life parallelism. Interestingly, its initial ‘first look’ coincided with the very day the verdict was announced- the verdict to the gruesome murder committed in 2008. As the directorial bonanza of Ram Gopal Verma, the film is marked by his signature trademarks.

Not A Love Story