The child is not mine, Nikhil Jain reacts to Nusrat’s pregnancy

Businessman Nikhil Jain and Nusrat Jahan’s separation has turned murkier. The estranged couple started blame-game and now Nikhil Jain has ruptured a sensation. He commented on Nusrat’s pregnancy and said that the child is not his.

According to ABP Ananda, Nikhil said that he is unaware of Nusrat’s pregnancy and reportedly maintained that child isn’t his because they have not been in contact for months. The couple is said to be living separately for the past six months.

Adding spark to Nusrat’s pregnancy, writer Taslima Nasreen penned down her opinion on the same and wrote in Bengali in a Facebook post, “If indeed Nusrat is in love with her co-actor Yash and if he is the father of Nusrat’s child as some reports have claimed, it would be better if the Nusrat and Nikhil part ways. While she admitted that she had felt happy when Nusrat and Nikhil tied the knot, without falling prey to the fact that they belonged to a different religion, she added that Nusrat seemed to be independent and self-reliant woman. Taslima added that independent women are usually confident and have self-respect and they do not need to depend on a man to bring up a child.”

The actress turned MP commented that their marriage is not legal as they have tied the knot in Turkey and never registered their marriage in India.

"As per court of law, it is not a Marriage, but a relationship or a live-in relationship. Thus, the question of divorce does not arise. Our separation happened long back, but I did not speak about it as I intended to keep my private life to myself…The alleged marriage is not legal, valid and tenable; and thus not a marriage at all in the eye of the law," read Nusrat Jahan's statement.

Nikhil said that he has filed for an annulment in court.

In an interview with India Today, Nikhil Jain said, "These are legalities, I don't really want to comment on anything she's said because the matter is sub judice in court. I have filed a civil suit in Kolkata and I will not comment on it till it is in court."