The Bachelorette India: Mallika's monthly expenses is 2.5 million

Wednesday episode of ‘The Bachelorette India’ was full of fun but ended with some heated arguments.

The episode began with a yoga session. And none other than Mallika herself took the yoga session for the contestants. She showed some muscle twitching yoga posses with superb ease and then asked the contestants to replicate the same. While a few boys managed to impress her, a few just struggled with the poses. It was quite interesting to see the contestants struggle with the yoga postures.

After that Mallika initiates the process of patch up between Saurabh and Karan Sagoo. Saurabh was asked to apologize as he had hurt Sagoo during Bollywood nights.

Then a sad turn came when one of the contestants named Abhishek informed that he had to leave the show as his mother was critically ill. Mallika got sad. She wanted Abhishek to stay but after listening to his mother’s illness, she asked him to leave. She also wished him luck and prayed for the speedy recovery of Abhishek’s mother.

After that Mallika told the contestants that her dear friend from the industry, Sunil Bohra was coming to meet her on the show and so she wanted the contestants to prepare a Rajasthani bhog for him. Sunil Bohra is a noted film producer and distributor. In order to accomplish the task in time, Mallika made three groups and delegated one course to each group. She also appointed one team leader for smooth functioning of the task. Contestants got in the kitchen to prepare Rajasthani cuisine and Mallika offered her help to the contestants.

Then Sunil Bohra came and took Mallika away for a chit chat. They talked about the initial days of Mallika in the industry and also discussed a few past incidences.

Mallika and Sunil come for the dinner. They sat with the contestants. Sunil asked the contestants about their financial position and also made a comment that the monthly expenditure of Mallika is approximately Rs. 2.5 millions. He asked the contestants if they will be able to afford such expenses. This led to a lot of heated argument and debate. Later Sunil and Mallika discussed the contestants. Finally the show got over with a rose ceremony. The next episode will show who gets a rose and is saved and who loses out? Keep reading for more updates on ‘The Bachelorette India’.