The baby has a little bit of Abhishek in her too, Big B

Megastar and grandpa Amitabh Bachchan has taken one and half month break from work to be with his grandchild. The baby is yet to be named but Big B for the time being named her Betiya until a proper name is fixed. Speaking about the baby’s look, Amitabh said that when the baby was born she looked like Aishwarya but now he could see little bit of Abhishek in her too.

 “When she was born she looked a lot like Aishwarya, but now you can see a little bit of Abhishek in her too. It’s still too early to say who she will eventually resemble, babies change everyday,” says the doting ‘dadaji’ (granddad), pointing out that initially babies live in a black-and-white world: “I recently read that they start recognising people and reacting to colours only after the first three months.”

Grandfather Amitabh admits that they are still deciding on the name that begins with ‘A’, like that of her parents. “Hopefully, we’ll zero in on one that everyone unanimously agrees on soon. My father (Harivansh Rai Bachchan) named my two other grandchildren Naveli and Agastya. This time, the task has fallen on us, and until we find an appropriate name for her, she’s ‘bitiya’,” he smiles.

The entire Bachchan family is thrilled with the new addition.