Thakurs To Boycott Srk's Movies

Shahrukh KhanThere is a serious challenge to Shah Rukh Khan as the Thakurs of Uttar Pradesh have decided to boycott his movies and CDs. This is the outcome of the recent incident at the Dubai awards show where UP's brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan is reported to have been " humiliated". Again, this was not a direct...
...confrontation between Amitabh or SRK, but surely a sort of argument between Amitabh's conscience keeper Amar Singh and the organizer of the show Morani Brothers. Since SRK sided with Moranis, Amar Singh, a Thakur leader, felt annoyed. Besides, the Sahara Group that respects Amitabh a lot, also decided to boycott Morani Brothers and keep them away from its Bharat Yatra Parva with a budget of Rs 1000 million. SRK is,however, reported to have clarified to Thakur leader Amar Singh that he made the remarks in a light vein only. The matter has not ended there but has taken a political shape, especially when the general election is drawing very near and all political parties are envying to solicit campaigning support from film stars.

Amidst recent reports of Hema Malini joining the BJP, the Congress has announced that it has caught Moushmi Chatterjee. Besides, a Congress leader equally involved in filmdom and politics has claimed that Khan brothers would support his party. He however shied away from naming them. Recently, Shakti Kapoor announced to work for the Congress. In a chat, SRK said that he is opposed to film artistes entering politics. He said this during the shoot of a romantic movie of Yash Chopra at Ferozepore in Punjab. Incidentally, he explained that he has no quarrel with Thakur Amar Singh though all that happened was only a heated argument.