Ten most controversial movies in Bollywood history

Dirty Picture and Jism 2 have certainly ensured that the tabloids are not devoid of any controversy this year. But they are hardly the Firest movies to create such a controversy! Here is a list of some of Bollywood’s most arresting and controversial movies to date.

1.Fire: Deepa Mehta returned to stun the audience after the success of Water, with Fire. This movie, about two sisters-in-law who turned to each other for comfort, love and sex did not get a high score with the conservative Indian masses, who rejected the open lesbianism in the movie.

2.Bandit Queen: This is a story of Phoolan Devi, based on a book written by Mala Sen. Of course, the movie was shunned because of the depiction of horrible rape scenes and it’s bold portrayal of violence, sex and nudity. Even Phoolan Devi tried to stop the release of the movie! However, the movie was released and it also got a lot of attention and acclaim at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival.

3. Satyam Shivam Sundaram: This was a movie that was bold right from the beginning- the content of the movie was really erotic. Of course, Zeenat Aman’s costumes throughout the movie also caused a lot of controversy, as did the much hyped sex scene between Shashi Kapoor and Zeenat.

4.Aandhi: Aandhi was controversial for a completely different reason. It was a movie released, during the Emergency years, about a woman politician who resembled Indira Gandhi a little too much! The movie was banned in 1975, by Indira Gandhi. But the Janata party released the movie is 1977 when they came to power.

5.Black Friday: This was a movie about the 1993 Mumbai blasts. The controversy surrounding this movie was so high that the theatrical release of the movie was stalled for two years- for that is how long the trial ran. But the movie was eventually released and it went on to become one of the most acclaimed movies in India.

6.Chetna: When Chetna was released in 1970, it  paid a tribute to a prostitute with no tragic back story. This movie was shunned by the audience and the critic- it was shunned so bad that the actress who played the lead was never able to improve her tarnished image!

7.Ek Choti Si Love Story: This movie talks about that eternally shunned topic- the desire of an adolescent boy for an older woman. The controversy, however, became huge only when the lead of the movie, Manisha Koirala rejected the intimate scenes (shot by a body double). The actress even took to contacting the National Commission of Women and the Mumbai High court to try stopping the release of the movie.

8.Sins: This was a Vinod Pande movie, based on the topic of con men who pretend to be men of God. It portrayed a Catholic priest in a sexual relationship with a woman, which made the Christian community really angry. It was banned because of the portrayal of Christianity and also because of the explicit scenes involved.

9.Kissa Kursi Ka: Another political satire aimed at the Gandhi family again. However, this movie was aimed at Sanjay Gandhi, the man behind the Maruti Car Project. This movie did hit a hard note and it became quite popular once the emergency was lifted and Sanjay Gandhi was interrogated and jailed for a month.

10.Insaaf Ka Tarazu: Way back in 1980, B.R Chopra made a movie with a topic most filmmakers would not dare to make now. This movie was a remake of another movie called “Lipstick”. The most controversial part of the movie was the rape scene of a 13 year old girl.
Bandit Queen
Bandit Queen
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
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Black Friday
ek choti si love story
Ek Choti Love Story
kissa kursi ka
Kissa Khursi Ka
Insaf Ka Tarazu
Insaaf Ka Tarazu