Telly couple Aamir, Sanjeeda to wed in March

It’s not only our Bollywood couples that are planning to get hitched in 2012 but our telly stars are also serious to take their relationship to the next level.  Many Television couple are planning to get married this year and among those are two most cute and adorable pair, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Shaikh. The duo has been dating for six long years and finally decided to tie the knot in March.

When asked about marriage plans, Aamir says, "It's true. When Sanjee and I started dating six years ago, we knew we were destined to get married. It was just a matter of time. Today, we're ready to take the plunge together."

Aamir adds that his proposal left Sanjeeda speechless. Describing the moment, he says, "I asked Sanjeeda to marry me in November. I bought her a customised diamond engagement ring - which took me a month to decide on! - and took her out for a romantic dinner date. I finally proposed after dinner by going down on one knee, and Sanjee didn't know how to react. There were 10 expressions on her face - ranging from surprise, incredulity and joy! When she finally accepted the ring, the moment was so intense that both of us had tears in our eyes."

It would be a grand fairytale wedding for Aamir and Sanjeeda,  "I want it to be a fairytale wedding for Sanjeeda, as we have waited a long time for it," says Aamir.

Sanjeeda says she doesn't have words to express how she's feeling currently. "It's so special... it's amazing that our relationship is culminating in marriage now. I wasn't expecting a proposal that night, and in such a romantic manner! I was rehearsing for my show when he called and told me get dressed for dinner. When he went down on his knee at the restaurant and proposed, that was THE moment of my life! My parents are extremely happy. They've been waiting for this day. Initially we were thinking of a simple wedding, but then Aamir said we're only getting married once so we should have our very own fairytale wedding!"