Telly actors Gaurav Chopra and Mouni Roy break-up

Television actors Gaurav Chopra and Mouni Roy who are expecting to tie the knot had at last called off their relationship. Says a source, “Their common friends are aware that it is over between them. There are hushed whispers among television folk, too, about their break up. Mouni prefers to be tight-lipped and not talk about it.”

It is said that Gaurav is still maintaining his relationship with his ex Narayani Shastri which miffed his present girlfriend Mouni Roy. Adds the source, “Narayani always maintained contact with Gaurav. Though she may say that there is another man in her life, she still remains part of Gaurav’s life. This is something that people could not fathom as on one hand Gaurav would say Mouni was his girl, but at the same time allowed Narayani to be close to him as well. Though Mouni was cordial to Narayani, she didn’t approve of her man’s relationship with his ex-flame at all. This is what led to arguments between them.”

Grapevine also buzzed that Mouni came close to her co-star Mohit Raina during the shooting of mythological show Mahadev but her affair with Mohit ended after the show end. Adds the source, “On some occasions she was seen crying to a friend on the sets of the show. In the last couple of months, a lot of differences developed which led to ugly verbal spats between them. Now it looks like both have decided to steer clear from each other.”