Tapasya of 'Uttaran' aka Rashmi to divorce Nandish Sandhu

According to the latest grapevine, the charming couple of television Rashmi Desai and her actor husband Nandish Sadhu are heading towards splitville. The duo has decided to call off their short married life. Nandish and Rashmi got married in 2012. The divorce is a mutual decision. Tapasya aka Rashmi is a well know character in the telly soap, ‘Uttaran’. It is heard that Rashmi already started with the divorce process and she is not keen to carry forward the relationship any further.

Nandish and Rashmi first met on the set of ‘Uttaran’ and fell in love. They had a grand wedding ceremony and now after two years of married life, all of a sudden Rashmi had the feeling that Nandish is not caring and honest. Moreover, Nandish is very much haunted by Rashmi’s past life. Rashmi had a controversial past. She was a Bhojpuri actress and worked in C-grade film.  In the past, popular Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan refused to work with Rashmi owing to her flirtatious nature. Before she met Nandish, she had apparently dated a middle-aged man from the Bhojpuri industry.

Insiders revealed that Rashmi was responsible to distance Nandish from his former live-in girlfriend Aradhana. Friends always found the two a mismatched couple and was never supportive about their wedding.

It is really sad that another telly couple drifted apart.