Tanushree Dutta raped me, accuses Rakhi Sawant

When Tanushree Dutta shared her #MeToo sexual harassment story, controversial queen Rakhi Sawant totally disagreed with Tanushree and took Nana Patekar’s side. Rakhi alleged that to seek fame, Tanushree dragged renowned actor Nana Patekar’s name. Following the allegations, Tanushree slapped Rs 10 crore defamation lawsuit against Rakhi Sawant.

Tanushree’s lawyer in a statement to a news channel said, “We have filed a criminal and civil defamation case against Rakhi Sawant for maligning my client’s character and image.”

After all the drama, Rakhi Sawant held a press conference, dressed in a Sati Savitri in which she called Tanushree Dutta a liar and said that she has done all these to gain publicity. Rakhi even alleged that Tanushree is a lesbian and had raped her multiple times. She also claimed that Dutt touched her improperly 12 years ago.

Rakhi reportedly said, "Tanushree Dutta has gone mad. She was in a coma for 10 years. She has returned from America because she has exhausted all her money and has no work. She is doing all this for publicity."

However, Rakhi is Rakhi. We can hate her or love her but can’t ignore her.