Tanuja, Kajol upset about Tanishaa in 'Bigg Boss 7'

Veteran actress Tanuja’s younger daughter Tanishaa is going to take part in the reality show, ‘Bigg Boss 7’ but report is doing all the rounds that mom Tanuja and sister Kajol are unhappy with her participation in the reality show. They do not want Tanishaa to take part in the reality show.

Kajol didn’t want Tanishaa to take part in ‘Bigg Boss 7’, “Of course I didn’t want her to go but she’s going. It’s her decision completely and my feelings have nothing to do with it! I am just wondering how she will manage to survive for three months — without a phone, without communication and doing nothing. I really don’t know... My daughter has been extremely pampered all her life and I am concerned about the situations happening there and how comfortable she will be in them.”

When asked if she tried to stop Tanishaa from taking part on the show, she says, “Never! Tanishaa is old enough to know what she’s doing and make her own decisions. I have brought up both my daughters in such a way that they can take their own independent decisions. I have just guided them when they were young but now that they are grown up I don’t question their decisions. As a mother I have every right to feel upset about her decision but of course, I will support her. Do I have a choice?”

When asked about the rumor of fights in the family because of Tanishaa’s decision? “In our family we never fight. We have discussions. Yes, there was a dicussion about her going there and I expressed my concern,” adds the actress, who has just returned from Toronto after attending the international film festival.

Interestingly, Tanuja has never watched the reality show but she said that she will now watch it. When informed that 14 contestants will be sharing two bathrooms, she sounds horrified. “How will Tanishaa manage? I have never watched BB till now but now that Tanishaa is there I will watch it.” Tanuja was inquisitive about other contestants.

‘Bigg Boss’is a show inspired from Hollywood’s popular reality show ‘Big Brother’. The show will start with 14 contestants from various professions and they will be locked up in the Bigg Boss house at Lonavala for 104 days. They will be under the surveillance of several cameras installed in the house. The show will be aired from 15th September.