Tanuj Virwani injured ahead of 'One Night Stand' promotions

Actor Tanuj Virwani, whose next film opposite Sunny Leone ‘One Night Stand’ is releasing next week, has cancelled his plans for promotional events of the upcoming movie. Reason? He has injured himself.

Son of yesteryear actress Rati Agnihotri, Tanuj is a big fan of cricket and indulges in the sport whenever he gets free time. Recently, he sprained his leg and hurt his hamstring while playing cricket a day before promotion of the movie, The Times of India reported. It was an old injury that had cropped up again.

"We were in Bangalore and Tanuj had to leave his studio visits and pre-slotted interactions, as the pain was unbearable. He flew back to Mumbai immediately. We couldn't do much apart from apologising to all his fans," the report quoting a source as saying,

"Tanuj was very excited about the city tours, but because his leg got sprained, he had to cancel everything," the source added.

The actor was seen limping at the airport when he landed in Mumbai.

The team of 'One Night Stand' has been travelling to various cities promoting the movie. Now, with Tanuj, the male lead of the film being injured, it is up to Sunny Leone to shoulder the responsibility of the promotions.

However, Tanuj intends to complete the promotions in some other cities once he is able to walk, the report mentioned.

Tanuj plays the role of a married man named Urvil in the movie. After spending a night with the sizzling Selina, played by Sunny, his lust for her turns into obsession and wreaks havoc in his married life. He pursues Selina, but she labels him a stalker. What follows is revenge, betrayal and hatred.

The movie also stars Nyra Banerjee in an important role. Directed by Jasmine Moses D’Souza and produced by Furquan Khan and Pradeep Sharma, ‘One Night Stand’ is slated to release on April 22.