'Bigg Boss 7': Big fight among Gauhar, Tanisha, Sangram tonight

The countdown has started up to the Big Boss 7 finale where the winner will be decided. The reality show which witnessed drama, fake romantic liaisons, harassment and a police complaint will finally be wrapping up and producing a winner. The speculative question remains – Who will it be?

The contestants vying the coveted award are – Gauhar Khan, Ajaz Khan, Sangram Singh and Tanishaa Mukherjee. Although at present, the favorite seems to be Gauhar Khan, people seem confused because of certain trait of every contestant. Although speculations are rife, noted numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani has predicted Sangram to be this time’s winner. Judging by the fact that he has predicted the winners in the previous seasons, one might acknowledge the prediction. According to him, if not Sangram, it shall be Tanishaa.

A quick look:

1. Tanishaa Mukherjee – Speculated as a probable winner, her strength includes the way she has carried herself with dignity and untarnished family image in spite of coming from a strong Bollywood family. If she wins, it might be because of her Bollywood connections which might make the channel want to look favored in her family’s eyes.

2. Sangram Singh – a wrestler by profession, he has handled himself very safely in the House, avoiding any kind of brawl or siding with anyone in there. He has been active in the House from the very start, maintaining cordial relations with everyone in and when evicted from the House. His downside may be his evident lack of tact when handling situations and shying away from them. If he is declared the winner, he shall break the norm of being a TV/film celebrity winner.

3. Gauhar Khan – till date, the most voted for contestant in the reality show, Gauhar has been handling herself with dignity and grace from the very start. Although she has taken part in the fights that erupted from time to time, she has engineered most of them, making her the hot favorite of the channel too. Her downside is the day she chose to walk out of the house with Kushal which may make her lose votes.