Tanisha Mukherjee's love for Armaan Kohli is fake

‘Bigg Boss 7’ is over with Gauhar taking home the trophy. Now all that is left is to battle the speculations from the show. One of the star criticism takers is Tanishaa Mukherji, one of the contestants in the ‘Bigg Boss House’ for her taking abuse from her apparently ‘good friend’ Armaan Kohli.

Tanishaa, on numerous ocaasions, has been seen taking undesirable treatment from Armaan and not reacting to it in any befitting manner. Reacting to these rumours, Tanishaa has said, ‘Armaan is my best friend. He has been very supportive of me, both inside and outside the house. We are close friends, the rest I leave for the people to judge. I don’t believe that I was treated like a doormat. If people think that way, it is their opinion and I can’t change that. I know who I am and what I stand for and that is what matters to me.’

Tanishaa’s words do not seem to hold water judging by her behaviour on the show. She was always seen bowing to Armaan’s whims and fancies. Salman has openly berated Tanishaa for being Armaan’s puppet and urged her to speak up for herself. She had even bared her submissive tendencies when on being directed by Armaan, she voted against Andy lest Armaan break off their ‘relationship’.

On another issue, Tanishaa’s family was rumoured to be against Tanishaa for her choosing to participate in the show. Tanishaa comes from a powerful Bollywood family consisting of actors, mother Tanuja, sister Kajol and brother in law Ajay Devgan. As she has not been able to make a mark for herself in Bollywood, she joined the show to create a name for herself and provide a platform for herself. She rubbishes these rumours saying, ‘My family was never against me doing the show but they were being protective, as any family would be. They wanted to keep me safe as it was an unexplored territory.’ Again, this is hard to believe as Tanuja was seen evidently disappointed with her daughter. While other inmates of the ‘House’ received gifts from near and dear ones from time to time, Tanishaa did not receive anything. In fact, when the show makers went to the Mukherji House to ask if they wanted to send anything, the response was not favourable. Tanuja has quashed these rumours saying she is proud of her daughter and everything she stands for.